About Us

Edinburgh Divers was founded in 1953, and incorporated as Branch 21 with the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) in 1954. As such, we are one of the oldest scuba diving clubs in Britain.

The British Sub-Aqua Club is the National Governing Body for scuba diving in the UK, as well as the largest scuba diving organization in the country. The diving qualifications it offers are recognised world-wide. As a club we are affiliated with BSAC and follow it's world-renowned diver training program and safe diving practices.

Our membership ranges from those just starting in diving to those who have been doing it for more years than they care to admit. We run a full range of dive trips from one-day to long weekend to full-week trips, to suit divers of all experiences.

We have exclusive access to the pool at Wester Hailes Eduction Centre on a weekly basis on Wednesdays from 8 to 9pm, and go for a drink afterwards.

Most members dive using standard scuba equipment and drysuits, however we have a number of divers using either twinsets or closed-circuit rebreathers. Some amongst us are marine biologists and others are serious technical diving junkies, however the majority of us fit somewhere in between these extremes.

The club also has a variety of instructors, and can offer training to further your diving if desired. All our instructors are volunteers, and give their time without charge to develop the diving skills of other club members. Nobody makes any money from diving in the club, and all costs are shared equally between trip participants.

We also organise regular social evenings in the city centre and an annual barbecue.