New to Diving?

Interested in diving? Why not come for a try dive! We have weekly pool sessions at the Wester Hailes Education Centre on Wednesdays evenings at 8pm, and can arrange a try dive with an instructor most weeks. No equipment or experience is needed - just drop us a line.

Interested in learning to dive and becoming certified? We are not currently offering the basic BSAC qualification (Ocean Diver), but are happy to advise interested parties on diving schools in the Edinburgh area. You can already join us as a pool member, and once qualified as a diver you can immediately dive with us. We do offer further BSAC diver grade training through the club. Members also have access to the regional training days, in particular for the South Scotland region.

The club has all the basic equipment (cylinders, BCDs, regulators, etc) available for rent (for a small fee) by newly qualified members. The exception are drysuits, for which sizing is very important.